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Congratulations to the 12th China international industrial furnace exhibition

2017/11/28 13:57
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The 12th China international industrial furnace exhibition opened at Beijing international exhibition center on May 19,2014
  The 12th China international industrial furnace exhibition opened at Beijing international exhibition center on May 19,2014.
  Our company took part in this event and built a booth area of 180 square meters.The booth is dominated by blue and white,and the layout is novel and generous.
  In the booth,we show our company's main product,IGBT,a two-frequency conversion sensor power supply cabinet and a 6 ton furnace.Also through the picture,video shows the strength of our company to the customer.Mr.Yan wennon,chairman of our company,warmly welcomes new and old customers with the sales staff and technicians of the company,and has reached multiple cooperation intentions at the exhibition.

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