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The innovation fund project undertaken by xi 'an electromechanical research institute passes acceptance

2017/11/28 14:00
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Our company is responsible for the technical innovation fund for small and medium enterprises(sme)technology
  Our company is responsible for the technical innovation fund for small and medium enterprises(sme)technology innovation fund(IGBT)based on IGBT series inverter power supply technology,which has been accepted by the ministry of science and technology.
  Core furnace hearth closed,easy access to reducing protective gas to prevent copper melt oxidation,causes this type induction furnace has become the production of oxygen free copper wire rod and bar(board)material of typical ideal type furnace.The power supply of the core furnace is very high and the power supply can be continuously supplied for a long period of time.Therefore,the conventional method is to use the transformer with tapped head to direct power supply,which consists of the core furnace system.
  The IGBT series inverter power supply based on IGBT can be supplied to a core furnace and consists of a converter with a core furnace system.Compared with traditional industrial frequency,the system has obvious advantages in reliability,energy saving,operation flexibility,floor area and function.Under the support of the innovation of the ministry of science and technology,the project products have entered the market,and the main users are large copper companies such as zhejiang hailiang,ningbo bowie,tongling and gansu jinchuan.

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