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The director's speech

  Time flies.Since Xian Mechanical&Electric Institute established in 1987,XMEI has been struggling for 20 years in the wave of the market economy.On this occasion,on behalf of all company staffs to all friends,who care of and supporting the development of our company in a long term,to extend my sincere greetings and heartfelt blessings!
  In the past 20 years,relying on ourselves tireless efforts,XMEI provided to intermediate frequency induction furnace as a starting point,has developed a Variable frequency induction furnace,Channel furnace equipped with VF power supply and the SCR and IGBT power supply with series resonant circuit.And these devices become mainstream equipment in Chinese foundries.XMEI has made its due contribution for the technical progress in the local made foundry equipment and is doing our best effort continuously
  Looking ahead,XMEI will take"Technological innovation,customer satisfaction"as business principle to enhance the overall quality and management level of enterprises,enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development capability.
  The ancient city of Xi'an is a land,on which full of talents,there was a thirteen dynasties,and had heavy historical heritage,so that my company absorbs the ancient oriental culture and it makes XMEI more dynamic,more creative.In the modern civilization evolving process,XMEI sincerely hope to cooperate withmore ambitious people,to create the cause,share success!